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Concept Art, Digital Art, Icon Design, Street Art

The Mice Series by Yusman ali (bellamyc),concept art,seni digital,desain ikon,street art
RIOT | Did you know that the fame of Mickey Mouse is even there that causes a riot in the perspective of criticism? Mickey Mouse's global fame has made it both a symbol of The Walt Disney Company and of the United States itself. For this reason, Mickey has been used mostly in Anti-American satire, such as the infamous underground cartoon "Mickey Mouse in Vietnam". "Mickey Rodent" by Will Elder in which the mouse walks around unshaven and jails Donald Duck out of jealousy over the duck's greater popularity. The grotesque Rat Fink character was created by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth over his hatred of Mickey Mouse. In The Simpsons Movie, Bart Simpson puts a black bra on his head to mimic Mickey Mouse and says: "I'm the mascot of an evil corporation!". Huh, haters gonna hate, Boys. Therefore, Walt Disney said, “First.. Think. Second.. Believe. Third.. Dream. And finally.. DARE.”
The Mice Series by Yusman ali (bellamyc),concept art,seni digital,desain ikon,street art
KISS | Do you agree the kind of relationship Mickey and Minnie could also be called one of the goals of the relationship? Here’s some facts that you should know, although Mickey and Minnie had never married in the movie but Walt Disney said in an interview in 1933, "In private life Mickey married Minnie". The first time Mickey asked Minnie as his girlfriend through the song Mickey's Follies in 1929. At that time Mickey sang the lyrics "got a sweetie... she's my little Minnie Mouse". And this fact will surprise you, Minnie's dubber Russi Taylor and Mickey's dubber, Wayne Allwine, are married in the real life.
The Mice Series by Yusman ali (bellamyc),concept art,seni digital,desain ikon,street art
MICE | Especially, it's made to remind you of the legendary cartoon character, Mickey Mouse. Have you ever thought, why must ‘Mice’? Mickey's character was inspired by a tame little mouse that roamed around Walt Disney's desk. Walt Disney first created Mickey Mouse from a mouse he saw on his desk at Laugh-O-Gram studio in Kansas City, Missouri.
The Mice Series by Yusman ali (bellamyc),concept art,seni digital,desain ikon,street art
THE END | No doubt, these words and visuals make you think of Mickey Mouse, don’t you? Don’t miss the Minnie Mouse too! Also with Mickey Mouse, the Minnie Mouse appeared for the first time in the ‘Crazy Plane’, first launched on May 15th, 1928. Minnie was invited to follow Mickey on the first flight of his plane. Minnie accepted the invitation but he didn’t accept the offer of a kiss in the middle of the flight. In their first film, Minnie was described as someone who denied Mickey's attention and escaped from him. Have you seen it until ‘The End’?
The Mice Series by Yusman ali (bellamyc),concept art,seni digital,desain ikon,street art
WEIRDO | The character Mickey Mouse became a symbol for America in the development of US culture to various parts of the world and became a symbol of joy. Mickey became a symbol of Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney himself as expressed by Walt's wife, Lillian. Miki and Walt developed together and mirrored their personalities. US President Jimmy Carter once said… "Mickey Mouse is the symbol of goodwill, surpassing all languages and cultures. When one sees Mickey Mouse, they see happiness."
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Reminds you again of Mickey Mouse, an iconic fictional cartoon character who became an icon for The Walt Disney Company in the 1920s. Mickey Mouse developed from a mere animated figure to one of the world's most famous symbols. In some early Mickey cartoons

Uploaded 02 November 2017