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Branding, Graphic Design, Print Design

The Yacht by Justin Jatmiko (justinjatmiko),branding,desain grafis,desain percetakan
(FULL LOGO) The logo itself is a visual for a yacht that has been simplified. I wanted the brand to look modern & also luxurious, that is why I choose gold for the logo preview. The concept is using yacht, a luxurious boat as the representation for the brand itself.
The Yacht by Justin Jatmiko (justinjatmiko),branding,desain grafis,desain percetakan
(PROMOTIONAL) The promotional media that I choose is the banner to give it a more sea-related like. The banner contents is it's full logo and also the quotes for the Yacht which is "drop the anchor and chill with us".
The Yacht by Justin Jatmiko (justinjatmiko),branding,desain grafis,desain percetakan
(FULL AMENITIES PREVIEW) The concept of making The Yacht amenities is to create a very modern design based on trends. The big menu on the left is an A3 size menu printed and attached to a thin wooden board. The reason of creating that concept is to give a clear explanation for each of it's menu. The winery section is a book using a navy blue leather for its cover, the reason is to give the brand a luxurious look and also it is a wine & liquor sections (it's obviously pricey enough). As for the business card is a simple full logo and information with a seafood background to give them a hint about what The Yacht is specialized in. The name tag is made from coated stainless with the name and their job desk.
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Imagine a place where you can have exceptional seafoods combined with a great inside-a-yacht ambience. The Yacht is the place for either mouthwatering seafoods or having cozy yet luxurious place to sit back and relax your day. The naming is based on an expensive type of boat, which is a yacht. This project is also from my school projects.

Uploaded 16 October 2015